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Very large black canvas painted in gold lettering

Benefaction to the Parish of Benenden
Extracted from the Will of Mr Joseph HALL of Benenden who died Nov
3 1813 - I give and bequeath to such of the poor widows who belong to the
said Parish of Benenden as are not maintained in the Parish Workhouse or
Poorhouse of the said Parish the Interest and Dividends of the sum of
Two Hundred and Twenty Pounds lawful money of Great Britain, to be funded as
hereinafter mentioned, such Interest and Dividends to be paid and distributed
Yearly and every Year in equal shares to such Poor Widows by the Minister
and Churchwardens of the said Parish for the time being, and for Ever. And for
that Purpose I do direct my Executors within Six Months next after my decease
to lay out and invest the sum of Two Hundred and Twenty Pounds in the
three per Cent Consolidated Annuities, transferable to the Bank of England
in the names of such Persons as shall happen to be Minister, and Church-
wardens of the said Parish at the time of such Investment and of their successors
for the time being and for Ever. The money to be distributed on St Thos Day.
The above sum was regularly invested as by Will directed
Daniel BOYS Vicar
James COLEBROOK Church wardens

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