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Very large black canvas painted in gold lettering

Benefaction to the Parish of Benenden
Extracted from the Will of Mrs Sarah BUCKLAND, late of Benenden, who
died January 20th 1850
I also give and bequeath direct limit and appoint
unto the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor for the time being
of the said Parish of Benenden and to their Successors for ever the sum of Two
hundred Pounds, further part of the said sum of Two thousand Pounds, Upon
Trust that they the said Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor
and their Successors do and shall lay out and invest the same on Mortgage or other
real security or securities in the public Government or parliamentary Stocks,
funds or Securities in Great Britain and stand possessed of and interested in
the said sum of Two hundred Pounds and the interest, dividends and annual
proceeds thereof, to be by them and their Successors applied from time to
time as they shall become due for and towards the support and maintenance
of a Girls Sunday School consisting of children of Poor Parishioners of the said
Parish of Benenden. In satisfaction of the above bequest the sum of 191 Pounds
14 Shillings and 10 Pence, 3 Pr Cent Consols was on the 24th August 1841
purchased in the names of the Reverend Daniel BOYS, James JUDGE,
Daniel BOYS, Vicar,
James JUDGE, John MILLS, Churchwardens,
Thomas WIGHTWICK, John WENMAN, Overseers.

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