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Very large black canvas painted in gold lettering

Benefaction to the Parish of Benenden
Extracted from the Will of Mr Thomas BUCKLAND of Benenden, Yeoman, who died
April 13th 1786.
"I give and bequeath to the Vicar, Church-wardens and Overseers of the
Poor of the Parish of Benenden aforesaid, the sum of Two hundred pounds of lawful money of
Great Britain to be paid to them within twelve months next after my decease by my Execu-
tors upon trust and confidence, nevertheless and to the intent and purpose that the said
Vicar, Churchwardens and Overseers shall and do immediately on receipt thereof lay out and
invest the said sum of Two-hundred pounds in the public funds in their names and the
Interest Dividend and proceed arising therefrom to be paid and applied and disposed of
by the Vicar, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish of Benenden and
their successors for the time being for ever, in sending poor male Children
(Parishoners of the said Parish) to such School, or Shools, as they in direction
shall think fit, there to be instructed to read English. Dated October 1st 1781"_
The Trustees accordingly on the 5th day of January 1787 purchased (within the aforesaid
Sum) 258 pounds 18 shillings of Three Pr Cent Consols, the Interest or dividend
amounting to 7 pounds 15 shillings per Ann. has been regularly applied to the
aforementioned purpose.
This schedule was made April 4th 1806 - The then Trustees were:
Daniel BOYS Vicar
James COLEBROOK, James BUCKLAND, Churchwardens,
Thomas MUNN, Samuel HAYWARD, Overseers

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