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A large wooden board painted with the shields of St George and Canterbury in the top corners; the names in alphabetical order in two columns

In grateful Memory of those who gave
their lives for king & country in the great
war 1914 - 1918
Faithful unto death
W. G. BAIRD Capt: 1st Lincs W HUMPHREY Royal West Kent
G. BOXALL Corpr East Surrey G. JENNER 5th Buffs
H. BRIDGLAND L Corpr 1st Buffs F. MARSHALL 5th Buffs
V. BRIDGLAND 5 Buffs B. MATTHEWS 8th North Hants
A. BURT R.F.A. T. MATTHEWS 8th North Hants
R. J. BURT Royal Irish Rifles P. MOORE Corpr 5th Buffs
W. E. R. COLE Capt R Munster Fusiliers A. PAVEY 5th Buffs
E. COLEY D.C.M. R.G.A. G. PAVEY D.C.M. Serjeant R.F.A.
L. COLEY 11th Royal Sussex S. PAVEY Royal West Kent
G. F. COUCHMAN Queen's R.W.Surrey W. ROFF 1st Buffs
A. S. CRESSWELL Capt. 2nd Buffs C. RUSSELL 5th Buffs
A FOSTER 23rd Royal Fusiliers J. TAYLOR 3rd Suffolk
H. E. HARMER 1st Hertfordshire E. WATSON L.Corpr 2nd Buffs
H. A. V. HARMSWORTH M.C. Capt Irish Guards J WATSON L Corpr 1st Buffs
V. S. T. HARMSWORTH Lieut R.N. Division G. WEEKS 5th Buffs
R. L. HOARE Capt. 12th London C WORSLEY 5th Buffs
May they rest in Peace

On a second wooden board below, similarly arranged

1939 - 1945
C. BARHAM. Air Mech. R.N. F A READ. D.F.C. P.O. R.A.F.
L. BURT. Sgt. 5th Buffs. H. T. SHARP. C.O.A. R.N.
F. W. COUSINS. Sgt. R.A.F. J. SINDEN. Sgt. R.A.F.
G. B. LEGGE. Lt. Comdr.(A) R.N.V.R. A. W. STAINES. Dvr. R.E.
B. F. LEWIS. Cp.l R.A.F. Betty STANNARD. L.A.C.W. W.A.F.
Civilians killed by flying bombs
Alfred Charles ABREHART Joan Evelyn Ray BLAKEY
Dorothy Jane ABREHART Lilian Josephine SANDS
Richard Colin WHITE

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