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Tall brass with decorative vine-leaf border on red background, topped by a cross in a crown and floral motifs

In the adjoining churchyard
are laid the remains of
The Revd Samuel JOY M.A.
Honorary Canon of Canterbury
Vicar of this Parish
for over nine years
until called by the Archbishop
in 1896
to the charge of the Parish
of All Saints Maidstone.
His unflagging zeal and
wise judgment
won the confidence
and affection of his flock
and his desire that
his resting place should be
under the shadow of this Church
proved his devotion to the
Parish of Benenden.
This record is placed here
by Parishioners who
"Knew his work
Loved the man
and revere his Memory".
He died December 12th
at Maidstone
and was buried here Dec. 16th 1903

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