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A round top headstone checked above rounded shoulders:

loving memory of our dear ones
Stephen SIVYER
of Mounts Farm, Benenden
Entered into rest March 29th 1902
Aged 69 Years
Also of Lydia
Beloved wife of the above
Entered into rest April 3rd 1902
Aged 68 years
Leaving 5 sons and 5 daughters
To mourn their loss
Also of Emily Elizabeth
second dearly beloved daughter of the above
Entered into rest March 21st 1902
Aged 44 Years
Together in their lives
And in Death they were not divided
Sleep on beloved sleep and take thy rest
Lay down thy Head upon thy Saviour's breast
We love thee well but Jesus loved thee best
Good night

St George's Church, Benenden With thanks to OFHS Copyright St George's Church, © 2015