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This CD and the transcriptions and images it contains, are Copyright © St George's Church, Benenden, 2015. Here are our simple, no-nonsense, copyright conditions:

What you may do:

  • You may use this CD in any computer you wish, to view the inscriptions and images it contains.
  • You may copy up to a maximum of ten inscriptions and/or their associated images for use in your own privately-produced family history, or for use on your own personal web-site, provided you include an acknowledgement of St George's, Benenden copyright.

What you may not do:

  • You may not copy this CD in its entirety, or copy more than ten individual items from it, onto another CD or onto any other medium.
  • You may not copy this CD onto the hard disk of your computer, in order to access its contents without the physical CD being present.
  • You may not install this CD on a network server, so that it may be accessed by more than one user at a time.

What you may also do:

  • The builder directory on this CD includes copies of the macros and programs which have been developed to automate the process of producing this CD. These are all the copyright © of their author, Alan Simpson of Oxfordshire Family History Society (OFHS)
  • You are positively encouraged to use and adapt these in order to produce similar CDs for the Monumental Inscriptions at your own local church.
  • All that Alan asks is that you acknowledge the OFHS on the resulting CD. (Sending us a copy of the CD would also be a nice gesture.)
  • You should be aware that these macros and programs are not for the faint hearted. You will need some programming experience to use them.

The Parish Church of St George, Benenden. Copyright © 2015. With grateful acknowledgment to the Oxfordshire Family History Society.