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A tall stone with peon top and half rosettes on the shoulders; although its surface is weathered, the inscription is still visible, though at the end of the 19th C, it was already "covered with moss, difficult to read":

to the Memory of two Children
Samuel and Philadelphia BARNS,
late of this Parish.
Caroline died October 30th 1815 aged 5 years
and 8 months.
Amos died Dec 7th 1815 aged 2 years and
4 months.
Weep not for us our Parents dear,
For we are with the Lord:
Remember what our Saviour saith,
You must become as children are
Or you shall not see God.
Farewell, my dearest Babes, no more shall I
Thy azure eyes behold;
The short career which thou hast run
Is like a tale when told,
This busy world with all its cares
Is vanished from thy sight
It had no charms to fill thy mind
Nor to impede thy flight;
With partial fondness oft have I
Thy lovely forms survey'd
But now my sweetest babes you'e gone
Farewell departed shades
In Heaven the home of virtuous mind
We hope to meet again,
And there the one Jehovah Praise
With the Angelic Train

Haslewood p29-30

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