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A tall stone with a decorated square top; above the MI, a carving of two figures flanking an open book:

In Memory of
two Daughters
of Joseph and Sarah HINDS,
Molly departed this Life Sepr the 18th
Aged 24 Years.
Hetty departed this Life May the 24th
Aged 14 Years.
Alas dear Children, short is the race you have run,
Call'd to the grave, ere scarce thy course begun,
Their deaths lamented by Friends tho' happy lot,
Laid in the Tombs, where cares are all forgot,
Departed this life now safe on that calm shore,
Where sin and pain and sorrows are no more.
'Tis not for these the tears of grief should flow,
But for their Friends loss and wretched woe,
The loss of Children occasions a grief severe,
And must from parents eyes cause many a tear,
But time and wisdom with the aid of heaven,
Will teach we are to our parents lent, not given.

Haslewood p47-48

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