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A squarish stone carved with 4 medallions below the top; the surface has been damaged by weathering but some of the lettering is still visible.

To the Memory of
Four Daughters of Edward and
Mary FIELD of this Parish.

Haslewood's transcription then shows three columns; in the first the four names; in the centre 'Oct' and '1760' flank the list of four dates, and on the right the four ages; between the columns are bracketed {Died} and {Aged}. Below is the italicised poem.

Jane Died Oct 12th 1760 aged 2 y 9 m 22 d.
Mary Died Oct 15th 1760 aged 4y 4m 20d
Elizabeth Died Oct 17th 1760 aged 9 y 1 m 30 d.
Martha Died Oct 18th 1760 aged 1 y 9 m 24 d.

Four sisters dear, lie Buried here,
That all Died in one week;
It pleas'd God so that they should go
Their Saviour for to meet.
Dear Parents all, grieve not a tall
If your Babes should Summons be
To dwell with God in Heaven on High
To all eternity
Erected by John FIELD, their Grandfather.

Haslewood p57-58

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