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Tall wide stone with oval flanked by two astragal rosettes, the surface badly weatherworn

to the memory of
James SANTER, only son of
Charles and Sarah SANTER,
late of this parish,
who died December 21st 1823 aged 21 years.
Go fair example of untainted Youth,
Of modest wisdom and pacific truth,
Composed in suffrings, and in joy sedate,
Good without noise, without pretension great,
Of softest manners, unaffected mind,
Lover of peace and friend of human kind;
Go live, for heav'ns eternal year is thine,
Go and exalt thy moral to divine,
Yet take these tears, mortality's relief,
And till we share your joys forgive our grief,
These little rites, a stone, a verse receive
T'is all a father, all a friend can give.

Haslewood p83

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